Tea Cozies

What exactly is a tea cozy? A beautiful decorative cover for your teapot? A snuggly way to give your teapot a hug? A great gift for tea drinkers? Yes, yes, and yes. Best of all, our tea cozies keep your tea wonderfully warm so that a pleasant, peaceful afternoon tea with friends can last even longer.

Tea cozies have been used by tea drinkers for hundreds of years for just that reason. Like historical tea cozies, our traditional tea cozies completely cover your teapot, resting flat on the table. We also offer wrap-around tea cozies which provide the warmth of a traditional tea cozy with a lovely, more frilly presentation. All of our tea cozies are made in the USA by Thistledown Cozies using exquisite, fashionable cotton fabrics that are machine washable.